Monday, March 28, 2016

Top 10 reasons you want to meet rock star Ash Black:
#1. Has no idea he’s about to fall in love with a piano-teaching children’s librarian. If you told him, he’d laugh his ass off. So don’t say a word. Just click and enjoy the ride. #2. Stole Justin Bieber’s sunglasses at a party. Then taunted him by posting pics of them touring all around the world. #3. Has had his pants ripped off by groupies. Leather pants. They were really determined. #4. Has never fallen in love, but is starting to wonder what that might be like… #5. People magazine’s sexiest man alive. Two years in a row. Take that, Adam Levine. #6. Owns a tricked-out mountain cabin tucked away in the wilderness perfect for escaping the public eye and playing for days on end. And when Ash plays games, he doesn’t mean Monopoly. #7. Nearly broke Twitter the time paparazzi snapped a pic of his crown jewels. #hunglikeahorse #8: Thinks Christian Gray is a lightweight with no game. #9: He can make you come in 60 seconds. But he’s more interested in playing with you for hours. #10: He got kicked off of Good Morning America for waking up America by taking off his pants. It was their highest rated show of all time.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hi Folks,

What do you get when you combine a young woman who tends to leap before she thinks and a recently bought from a yankee prison man (who I might add is really sweet and caring)?  A perfect match!  I love Bella and Jack together!  I honestly don't think another man could keep this free-spirited woman out of trouble!  To see how he manages to keep her out of trouble you need to read this book!  This book has everything that I look for in the perfect historical romance: a woman who doesn't care to act how a "proper lady" should act...she does and says what she feels (even if it does get her into trouble), a protective guy (who you can't help but fall in love with yourself...and trust me you will.), an adorable little native american who is too cute to resist, and a big problem that they have to overcome.  Once again Elizabeth Seckman has not failed to make me laugh hysterically and cry all in the same book.  Bella's Point is a MUST READ...

Elizabeth Seckman is the very first Author Spotlight of this blog!  So I took the liberty of asking her a few we could get to know the woman behind this amazing book.  Here's what she had to say!

    Q:What motivated you to want to be an author?
    A:Writing isn’t really a job, it’s an addiction. I don’t remember a time I wasn’t making up stories. Even my Barbie and doll play had elaborate plotlines. My young friends were pretty tolerant of my need for every situation needing backstory and character motivation. I suppose, as a writer, I just never grew up. I still like to play pretend.
    Q:Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
    A: Yep. It was a collaboration with my best friend. We wrote a five-page book out of loose-leaf paper titled, “How to Annoy Your Teacher” in the sixth grade.
    Q:Tell us about your writing process?
    A:It’s ugly. Just like a cook, I leave a lot of dirty pots and pans on the counter and never really know what my measurements are…you just mix, stir, and add things until it tastes right.
    Q:Out of all of your characters who do you relate to the most?
    A:That’s a tough one! I’ll have to go with Molly in Healing Summer. Molly isn’t gorgeous or super talented, but she has an indomitable spirit of hope.
    Q:Any advice to aspiring authors?
    A:You only fail if you give up. Keep learning, keep writing.
    Q:Which author would you fan-girl out over if you had the chance to meet them in person?
    A:Judy Blume. I loved her books as a kid and I love her books as an adult.
    Q:Now for the important question…Describe your ideal book boyfriend? (See I told you it was important!)
    A: Rhett Butler. Handsome, debonair, witty, loyal, passionate…Scarlett doesn’t deserve him.
Q:Bella's Point went outside of your box (so to speak)' what made you decide to write a historical romance? (Glad you did btw)

    A:I’ve always been a Gone with the Wind fan, and I’ve always imagined a character that had the pure heart of Melanie and the fiery spirit of Scarlett. It was totally a book written just because I wanted to.
    Q:What made you decide that Bella should go searching for a husband inside of a Yankee prison? (I mean Jack could have just been a random cattle rancher.)
    A: I wanted to show Bella’s outside-the-box thinking and big heart right from the beginning. Bella would go to hell and back to help a friend. In an age when propriety and image are everything, Bella risks quite a lot to even go to the prison, much less bring Jack home with her. But that’s Bella. She makes decisions based on her own idea of right and wrong, not on public opinion.
    Q:Name 3 reasons why you think readers should buy Bella's Point?
    A:Caleb, Cole, Carter…they’re all in college next year and I need cash.

    To make sure those boys have all of the yummy snacks that we know is a must to survive college here's where you can buy her book!   

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Hello world,
The point of this blog is to help draw attention to authors that you may not know about.  But first let me introduce myself.  My name is Jess and I'm currently working on my first book.  Before I became a writer, I became a reader.  I LOVE getting drawn into a good book.  The kind that makes you feel like the characters have become your best friends by the end of the book.  Some of my favorite authors include Jennifer L. Armentrout, Abbi Glines, and Melissa Foster....and also Elizabeth Seckman.
Speaking of Elizabeth Seckman, next week I will have my first book review up and the spotlight will be on her and her first foray into historical romance BELLA'S POINT.  There may even be a special surprise for you (the readers).

Let me know who some of your favorite authors are!  And get to reading because we can't talk about books if I'm the only one reading.